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I no longer knew if coma white was real or just a side effect.

Red and blue soul with a snow-white smile.


Alison adores the strange, twisted, disturbing, obscene, grotesque, shocking, and bizarre.
Overly introspective. Cynical, vulgar as fuck, yet sweet as pie.

Doesn't eat animals. 100% drug free. Music junkie. Manson fan since age ten. Will listen to anything if it makes me feel something. Photography amd music major. Paranormal investigator. Horror fan. Alt girl. Pale skin. Drawn on eyebrows. Undershave. Platform love. Pierced body. Stretched ears. Nintendo nerd. Pokémon addict. Spends way too much money on shows and clothes. Wants to travel the world and always be surrounded by music. Wishes the world was always October. No religion. Masochist. Fucks both sexes. Loves girls and pretty boys. Long hair, makeup, tattoos, and piercings... yes, please. Eats too much candy. Can't wait to get out of this town. Much more mature than most people. Age is only a number. Human.

666, abandoned, decrepit places, adrenaline, aestheticism, alphabetizing things, alt clothing, the androgynous, animals, anime, Autumn, band merch, bass, bats, beauty, black, blood, boys & girls with long hair (I don't understand why all of you cut it off!), candle light, candy, cartoons, cats, cemeteries, Chicago, CHOCOLATE, conventions, correct spelling, grammar, and capitalization, cosplay, crazy contacts, dance dance revolution, discovering new music, drawn on eyebrows, dreaming, family, faux fur, fear, the Finnish language, food, foreign languages, forensics, the German language, ghost hunting, girls with shaved hair, glasses, going to shows, good conversation, good music, gore, graphic design, green, Halloween, haunted houses, heart-shaped glasses, hentai, horror, insanity, intelligence, Japan, jrock, lace & fishnet, lingerie, Lip Service, long nails (I can't have them due to my current job :(), love, makeup, making friends, Manic Panic, masochism, massage therapy, mathematics, men in makeup, metal metal metal, Monster High, movies, My Little Pony, nightlife, nudity, the occult, pain, pale skin, pale, skinny boys, paranormal research, photography, piercings & tattoos, platform boots, psychology, purple, reading, red, reminiscing, riding trains, road trips, romance, sacrifice, sarcasm, science, self-modification, sexuality, shopping, snow, spiritualism, spontaneity, stingrays, stockings, sugar, synthetic dreadlocks, synthetic hair, syringes, vampires, vegetarianism, vertical stripes, video games (Nintendo girl, Pokemon fanatic), writing, zombies.

"Text language," acne, age, animal cruelty, bad breath, my bad health, being broke, being cold, boredom, boring hair, boys & girls that can only talk about sex, cheaters, coffee, dairy, depression, distances, drama, drugs OF ALL KINDS, elitists, excessively happy music, extreme selfishness, facial hair, feeling left out, the French stereotype (i.e. curly mustaches, striped shirts, berets, etc.), the government, having no motivation, hickeys, huge dogs, immaturity, insects, Irish accents, irresponsibility, liars, meat, missing the past, morals, most of humanity, the narrow-minded, natural eyebrows, not having enough money!, ocean creatures, old age, people that constantly talk shit and make fun of other things, people who use drugs or love to get drunk, perverts, phantom vibration syndrome, procrastination, public speaking, racism, reality, religion, restrictions, school, sleeping all day, smokers, soda, spicy food, stupid girls, stupidity, talking on the phone, tan skin, tapeworms, the town I live in, those who are unreliable, unruly children and screaming babies.

Marilyn Manson, Tokio Hotel, 雅-MIYAVI-, My Chemical Romance, Children of Bodom, Motionless In White, Nine Inch Nails, Avenged Sevenfold, D'espairsRay Aiden, In This Moment, The Birthday Massacre, The Agonist, Kill Hannah, Psyclon Nine, Mindless Self Indulgence, Dir en grey, Nightwish, Tech N9ne, Bullet for my Valentine, HIM, Angelspit, Apocalyptica, Aural Vampire, Cradle of Filth, William Control, VAST, Deadstar Assembly, Wednesday 13, Versailles, Tristania, The Vincent Black Shadow, The Used, the GazettE, The Dresden Dolls, The Crüxshadows, The Candy Spooky Theater, Stolen Babies, Spectrum-X, Sinergy, Shinedown, Shiny Toy Guns, Schoolyard Heroes, Scarling., Rob Zombie, Porcelain and the Tramps, Pinkly Smooth, Phantasmagoria, OLIVIA, Norther, Muse, Murderdolls, Miss Construction, LM.C, Lady Gaga, Kittie, KISS, Kivimetsän Druidi, Kamelot, Kalmah, Jack Off Jill, Jem, Insane Clown Posse (definitely NOT a Juggalette), Imperanon, How to Destroy Angels, Gwen Stefani, GACKT, Frou Frou, Flyleaf, Fashion Bomb, Evanescence, Eths, Epica, Enisferum, Emilie Autumn, DIO - distraught overlord, Dethklok, Deftones, Deathstars, Deadlock, D, Crazy Loop, Behemoth, Anna Tsuchiya, and much more. I listen to everything, but I'm a true industrial/metal head at heart. Nothing will ever top it.

I'm everywhere!
Facebook: Alison Amanda